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JIB Crane
We are the renowned manufacturers of an extensive range of JIB cranes

Silverline JIB cranes are easy to install, use and relocate in your work environment. JIB cranes are used everywhere, from small workshops to big factory assembly lines,

A standard feature on all our JIB cranes is our unique adjustable console bearing. very simple and accurate.


- JIB Crane capacity will be minimum 125 kgs to Maximum 2000 kgs
- The JIB Cranes are available in manually rotated on self handling column or wall mounted designed to
   handle the goods inside or on open area of the plant


- JIB Crane can rotate up to 180 to 270 degrees
- JIB Crane capacity will be minimum 125 kgs to Maximum 2000 kgs
- Totally sheet metal fabricated design light body weight based on in-depth
- Knowledge of sheet metal fabrication/painted to with stand severe weather conditions.

Silverline has more than 25 years of experience in metal fabrication and design. The components used are highest quality, which is long-lasting and economical built BY SILVERLINE, We ensure that our products are in compliance with the industry specified quality standard, thus they deliver long lasting service

We also manufacture light cranes which are technically innovative and offer excellent value for money.

Jib Crane

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