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Jointless DSL System

This is newly developed DSL System by SILVERLINE. This is a single pole system. Copper strips of high conductivity are used as conductors for high performance. We recommend this for medium size factories installing smaller capacity cranes requiring not more than 140amps. This system is very easy to install and being joint less has less failure rate. Wear and tare is also less which improves life of current collectors' at least by 50%. Smooth running of the DSL ensures best performance of control panels with VVF drives.

Features of Joint Less DSL System :

- Quick and easy installation

- No expansion problem

- Indoor and outdoor installation

- Touch proof design

Application of Jointless DSL System :

- JIB Cranes

- EOT Cranes

- Other material handling equipments

Jointless DSL Available in :

- Copper : 40 to 140 amps

Jointless DSL

Jointless DSL

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