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DSL Systems
Our product range includes a wide range of DSL Accessories such as Pole Hanger, 4 Pole Hanger, Four Pole Hanger, Joint Cover, Center Power Feed, Power Feed Cap and many more items.

We at, Silverline Industrial LLC are engaged in manufacturing an ample range of DSL System, Shrouded Busbar system / Conductor Rails / Mobile Electification system / Conductor System We use sophisticated technology and machinery to manage the appropriate assembly and verify the quality of the products. The products we manufacture are in compliance with global quality standards. Our ranges are competitively advantageous due to its robustness, consistency and affordability. All the products listed under this category are 4 Way DSL System (60A-GI), 4 Way DSL System (100A-GI), 4 Way DSL System (120A-GI), 4 Way-DSL System (160A-Cu), 4 Way DSL System (250A-Cu), 4 Way DSL System (350A-Cu), Web Bracket (Angle), Current Collector, Joint Cover, 4 Pole Hanger, Joint Clamp, Lug Joint Clamp, Collector Bracket, End Cap, End Power Feed Cap. It is also known as shrouded busbar system, busbar system, conductor rail, enclosed rail, mobile electrification system, power rail.

DSL Systems

DSL GP Main Track

DSL GP Main Track We offer an extensive range of DSL GP Main Track these products are manufactured under international parameters using slandered rubber and steal. These are used in cranes to make proper functions at the time of loading operations.

DSL Copper Main Track

DSL Copper Main Track Silver-Line Insulated Conductor Bars Are Used For Power Transmission. We manufacture a wide range of DSL systems ranging from 60Amps to 2000Amps. We supply DSL tracks in GI, Copper and aluminium based on the current rating and required application. We also supply jointless DSL system and curvature as per customer's requirement. Our DSL system is completely shrouded and is touch proof.

Current Collector

Current Collector Under able guidance of our skilled professionals, we offer Current Collector. We monitor the quality control process with utmost care to deliver defect-free products to our clients spread all over the world. It is a precision-designed fitting assembly that helps to collect current ensuring zero-leakage in current and several losses in current oriented parameters. It ensures high safety for operation at optimum usage and efficient output.

Power Feed & Cover

Power Feed Cover We at, Silverline Industrial LLC is one of the leading company in the field of manufacturing export quality Power Feed & Cover.

Pole Hanger

Pole Hanger We at, Silverline Industrial LLC is one of the leading company in the field of manufacturing export quality Pole Hanger, Hanger Clamp. These clamps are manufactured with high cast iron and steel. Hanger Clamps are essentially used as holders for connecting of various machine tools with bolts and nuts. Our clamps are also used as a connecting the gap length. The product that we manufacture is mostly utilized for rail constructing purposes.

Silver-Line Safe & Reliable Power Transmission For Mobile Machinery

Silver-Line Insulated Conductor Bars Are Used For Power Transmission .Current Capacity Ranges From 60 Amps To 350 Amps Rated At 100% Duty Cycle & Nominal Voltage Up to 660v.They Fulfill The Requirements Of Latest International Standards All Are Safe to Touch & Designed Finger Proof .Conductor Rail Provide A Safe &Economical Supply Of Electrical Power For Track Guided Mobile Machinery

  • Insulated Conductor Are Touch Proof, No Exposed Live Parts To Contact
  • Quick And Easy Installation With Single Bolt/4 Pole Hanger
  • 60 To 350 Amp Conductor In Same Standard
  • 60,100&125amp Galvanized Steel
  • 160,250 & 350 Amp Rolled Copper
  • 4.5 Meters Bar Length
  • Cover Designed To Shed Water & Dust
  • Joint Cover Provides Total Protection Of Joint
  • Enclosed Wiring For Connection On Collectors For Safe & Simple Installation
  • No Expansion Joint Up to 150 Meters Long System
  • Slide In Slot Features For Hanger Supports To Eliminate Mis- Alignment
  • Track Configuration : Straight

Conductor Bar G alvanized Steel Copper
Type CRD15A08 CRD15B10 CRD15C12 CRD15D08 CRD15E10 CRD15F12
Nominal Current At 100%@ 35°C 60 Amp 100 Amp 125 Amp 160 Amp 250 Amp 350 Amp
Dc Resistance At +35°C(O/M) 0.003584 0.002867 0.001933 0.000342 0.000274 0.000184
Impedance At 43mm Spacing 0.003604 0.002891 0.001968 0.000364 0.000300 0.000221

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